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The words and images that started a movement…

Bare It All includes a Book Series.  The Book Series includes a collection of Erotic Short Stories, Poems and Images, written and captured by Velvet Lenae.

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Bare It All
Bare It All

Published in 2014. This is the first installment of the Velvet Lenae’s Bare It All series.
Erotic Short Stories Poems and Imagery, by Velvet Lenae. A poem is also included from guest writer, Skil’d Verse.

Bare It All 2
Bare It All 2

Published in 2017. This is the second installment of Velvet Lenae’s Bare It All Series.
Sex, Love and Heartbreak, Velvet Lenae is the Author and Photographer of Bare It All. It’s a visual, sexy combination that includes images of everyday people (not just models) coupled with erotic short stories and poems. A poem is also included by Skil’d Verse, Yul Black and images from Kevon Richardson and Expressions Untold.

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